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Combatting the Burnout Epidemic Virtually

Why Employers Must Address Work-Related Burnout – And How Telebehavioral Health Can Help

Job burnout among U.S. employees has reached crisis proportions. It was a problem long before COVID-19, but pandemic-related stress and anxiety have brought burnout to a fever pitch. Now more than ever, employers need a practical solution that ensures employees can access the care they need, in a practical and affordable way.

Enter, telebehavioral health.

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What's Inside!

Ramifications of COVID-19

  • Who is experiencing burnout 
  • The effect of working from home

The Impact of Burnout 

  • Physical and mental stressors resulting from burnout 
  • Implications for employees and employers

High-Burnout Industries 

  • Public safety
  • Healthcare 
  • Mental & Social Work
  • Education 
  • High-tech

The Efficacy of Behavioral Health 

  • How mental health therapists can help
  • Combatting cost and stigma issues 
  • Bridging treatment gaps with telebehavioral health

Virtual Care Solutions that Meet Business Needs

  • Access and convenience
  • Ease of implementation
*If you are experiencing a medical emergency or crisis situation, dial 911 immediately for assistance.  For mental health emergencies, dial 988.
Telemedicine is not appropriate for a medical, mental health, or behavioral health emergency. 
Walmart Health Virtual Care (WHVC) offers medical consultations, psychiatry, and talk therapy services via telehealth to patients nationwide. Telehealth services may vary by state. Services are provided in accordance with state law by licensed healthcare professionals, subject to the licensed professionals’ judgment. When medically necessary, WHVC providers may prescribe medication that can be picked up at a local pharmacy of the patient’s choice; WHVC does not guarantee that a prescription will be written. WHVC is not a pharmacy or prescription fulfillment warehouse. WHVC is not an insurance product. Virtual Urgent Care visits are not a replacement for a primary care physician.
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